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Broomball Return to Play Protocol – COVID-19 Phase 3

Effective Monday September 28, 2020, all players, coaches, staff, volunteers, spectators, and officials will be required to wear face masks in facilities where Manitoba Broomball sanctioned activities take place.

Players and officials are not required to wear face masks while on the ice engaging in physical activity but are required to wear face masks in the dressing room prior to getting on the ice and while entering and leaving the players bench. Team officials, including coaches, are required to wear face masks while on the bench.

The Return to Play plan incorporates the current requirements outlined in Stages 1 – 4 of the Government of Manitoba’s Restoring Safe Services Plan, health and guidelines from Broomball Canada.

The Return to Play Broomball Plan has three phases:

  • Phase 1 – On-ice skill development (non-contact), online meetings and clinics,
    non-sanctioned activities
  • Phase 2 (will begin with sanctioned activity starting on September 15, 2020) – on-ice skill development (non-contact), drills, team tactics, online or in-person clinics.
  • Phase 3 (approved on a regional/league basis October 1, 2020) – regular season competition (contact), game play (contact), practices (contact), travel

Manitoba Broomball will continue to strive towards placing our members in a safe and healthy environment. Physical distancing, mask wearing, good hand hygiene and screening are necessary steps that must be practiced in order to return to broomball safely, and will assist in reducing the risk to the broomball community.

General Guidelines:

Participants, coaches and spectators must stay home if they’re feeling unwell or show any symptoms of COVID-19 or have come into contact with someone with COVID-19.

Participants, coaches and spectators are encouraged to use the self-screening tool prior to participating in broomball activities (

Facility Guidelines:

  • All participants are required to follow the Arena Safety Measures as posted, including entry and exit doors and arrows/signage while in the facility (Note: The public health restrictions within each region must be followed regardless of what is posted at the arenas. Numbers are based on the Provincial Response level identified by geographical region).
  • All participants, coaches and spectators attending any Broomball Manitoba sanctioned event must sign in indicating their name and phone number in the event that COVID contact tracing is required
  • Hand sanitizers must be used upon entry and when leaving the facility
  • Participants are required to arrive no more than 20 minutes before their scheduled game/practice and must leave the facility no more than 20 minutes following their scheduled activity.
  • Participants are required to come dressed to play with the exception of shoes and helmets
  • Participants are required to bring their own water bottle. Sharing water bottles is not permitted