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2017 Mixed Provincials at Nelson House First Nations, MB

March 10, 11 & 12, 2017

Mixed Broomball Provincials

Round Robin Format:

Game #1      9:00           St.Claude               3          vs      2       Silver Bullets

Game #2     10:00          Roughnecks           4          vs      0       NCN

                    11:00        Exhibition hockey game between: Little chiefs vs NCN PeeWee’s

Game #3     12:00          Silver Bullets           2           vs      5       Roughnecks

Game #4       1:00          St. Claude               3           vs      0      NCN

Game #5       2:00          Roughnecks            0           vs      2      St.Claude

Game #6       3:00          NCN                        0           vs           Silver Bullets

Game #7       4:00         St.Claude (1st)                   vs                NCN (4th)

Game #8       5:00         Roughnecks (2nd)          6         vs     1       Silver Bullets (3rd)

Game #9       6:00         NCN (Loser game 7)           vs            Silver Bullets (Loser game 8)

Game #10     7:00        St.Claude (Winner game 7)     2     vs    1(OT)        Roughnecks (Winner game 8) 

Provincial broomball championships 1

Rules and regulations

  1. All MABA rules will apply
  2. No grace time (If a team is late they will lose the game by 5) no exceptions
  3. 2-18 minutes stop time.
  4. No fighting (if there is a fight players will be disqualified from championships)
  5. Mercy rule will apply. If a team is down by 5goals after the first period, running time will start. If the team that is down by 5 goals score a goal. The time will be converted back to stop time. If team is down by 8 goals the game will be called.
  6. Round robin format.
  7. Placements will be determined by the following:
    Number of wins/loses
    If there is a tie between 2 teams, the team that beat the other will advance.
    If there is a tie between 3 teams, points for and against will be executed.